Hi againn

Hi, haven’t posted in a while, so here’s an update…

I’ve managed to get to go to the police for work experience, as long as I do a vetting procedural check (I don’t know what that is ahaha) at some point, and I have always been really interested about the police force, and perhaps even as a future job. However, it isn’t the same week my school do work experience, so I managed to get that week off of school, and I still needed to find work experience for the other week that everyone else was doing it, sooooo I decided to email my old primary school and ask if I could go there for that week and they said yes, so I am going to be working in a reception class for the week. That means I won’t be with a teacher that I know well from when I went there, but I am still really looking forward to going back!!!

On February 2nd, it was the 5th year that we had my dog, Stanley (his instagram account is _Stanley.x –go follow him!!!), and on the 5th December it was his 5th birthday!

For Christmas me and my sister get to go to the snow dome, really looking forward to it!!, and may be going dry slope skiing sometime in the holidays, I love skiing so much!!


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