I just gotta say this…

What classifies things? What classifies something as stupid, clever, cool, uncool, beautiful, anything? Because beautiful isn’t just having plastic surgery, hair dye, makeup. 

This is gonna sound cheesy, but it’s what is in the inside. Nature is beautiful. You are beautiful. You may be classified as ugly, or fat, but who honestly cares about that? Yes, you may feel good about having ‘the perfect body’. Yes, you may feel good at making someone else feel terrible because it makes you seem cooler, or more popular within your group of friends, but seriously, is that what life is really like? Is life really just a competition to see who can win at it? No, because, honestly, what people actually value the most, even if it is deep, extremely deep, down, is someone being nice, or kind, even if it is just in a small way, because that is what people want to hear, or have someone be to them. 

Ok, so there is always going to be someone who judges you; it may be because of your personality, seeming wierd, but come on, isn’t that just pathetic? Judging someone because they may be a little different, are people not allowed to be unique? That also links in to the classified idea. Who would classify being different as wierd, or uncool, because everyone is different? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Anyways, this is what I think about this subject area. Anyone ever felt like this, I’m happy to listen to their stories in the comments. ☺


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