‘Dog is a man’s best friend’

So this post is about my dog, Stanley, and general dogs. First of all, I love dogs. They are soooooo cute and just really peaceful and loyal. (I especially love Welsh terriers- Stanley’s a Welsh terrier- and Siberian huskies. The other day I saw a Siberian husky puppy and it was adorable!! The picture below is Stanley, and although he doesn’t trust me (!!! 😒) because I pull him around way too much, he is just so soft and gentle.

I think that dogs simply understand humans, or their feelings, more than any animal, and that is what makes them so close to us; when I have cried, or laughed so hard I cried, he just runs over to see what is happening- unless there is food around (duh!! πŸ˜‚). He always seems to know when we are going out without him because he runs towards the front door, his tiny feet pattering along as he goes, and waits there. He also loves the car; whenever he runs off, most of the time, all we have to do is open the car door and he’ll come running back! After he’s had a shower, or a hose down, and then hair dried, he runs round, up, down the stairs, on, off the sofa, inside, outside…

Here is his little face and paws trying to scavenge some more food for his never full mouth to eat πŸ˜‚:


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