Have you ever…

Walked into a room and forgotten what you were going to get/do?

Tried to catch the fridge light between on and off?

Not got a joke and then realised later what it meant and laughed out loud, or try and keep it in silently,  and people around you look at you wierd?

Accidentally thought about an embarrassing moment from years ago and went ‘oh nonononoNO’?

Done the lion king with your pets?

Tried to sleep but just decided that that’s the time you are going to think about wierd, embarrassing, and so on moments in detail?

Remembered something you were supposed to do when you are just about to sleep?

No? I don’t believe you. I think I’ve pretty much done every single one of these; why do I do this?!? There are plenty of other times I could think about my life (if I actually wanted to), not just as I’m going to sleep, because I LOVE SLEEP. I always forget what I was supposed to get when I walk into a room, go downstairs, remember, go up, start doing something else, then start to go back down, then remember that wasn’t what I wanted, and finally get what I wanted to get in the first place (oops, aha).


26 thoughts on “Have you ever…

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  1. I have done all but a couple of them, but I bet I can think of many others not listed on the post.
    We are human. I had a stroke years ago and it has affected my short-term memory. Therefore, I walked into the kitchen and stood for several minutes trying to figure out what I came in for. Then I saw it and it clicked. I picked it up and then realized I could not remember why i needed it!

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