These new trends are ones you should take a look at…

So apparently these new makeup ideas are becoming trends and I’m not quite sure what to think about them. 

Of course there is the new wiggly eyebrow trend which is slightly strange in some circumstances, but actually looks ok in others. In the photo above, they are more of a light, gentle squiggle (is that the right word?!?), whereas they are more defined in shape and colour in the picture below, which makes it look kinda wierd; they still look ok but I prefer the picture above much more. (The mascara and eyeshadow are gorgeous in both though!!) 

So I’m not quite sure if this is a trend, because I haven’t actually seen it anywhere, but the ‘ponytail brow’ trend seems to be, literally, some of the end of your brow hair, in a PONYTAIL!! Wierd right? To be honest, it actually looks ok though, but might take a lot longer than usual time taken to do your eyebrows!!! I think it looks really pretty because of the different colours in the brow. If it had been the same colour, perhaps maybe it would have looked quite strange, and probably wouldn’t be shown up as well what it is, or is supposed to be. 

Another brow trend which I actually have heard of is the ‘feather brow’ trend. I think it looks OK, but kinda makes you look a bit bald?That might be the makeup surrounding the eye’s effect though (those colours are stunning, I love them- especially the bluish fade effect). The brows look delicate, like a feather (oh really, they do?!?), and look pretty in the picture below, especially with the eye makeup.

Ok, so this might have helped with any questions you had about recent trends but it also may not have helped at all and confused you even more than before because of my rambling (which I am kinda doing now). I am terrible at makeup, I once went into school with almost black eyebrows, which doesn’t exactly go with my hair colour (blondish), and was trying to take it off throughout the day without having to go to student reception, so if anyone looked at me I was just randomly scratching at my eyebrows to get off the little bits I had on it (oops!!).


10 thoughts on “These new trends are ones you should take a look at…

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  1. Gawddd… I have mixed feelings about the squiggly brows… I didnt even know there was such a thing as feather brows…Im feeling it…

    I know absolutely nothing about makeup and when I look at the tutorials I am discouraged by all the productssss Ill have to use to achieve those flawless looks…Im like hell naw…aint nobody got time for that…


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