It’s not just me…Is it?

OK, so everyone does dumb things sometimes, right? Or is it just me? Well, this is about all the stupid things I’ve done or times I’ve fallen over just because…

Most of my falls come from bikes or trees when I was younger. A few years ago, I fell backwards out of a tree (it wasn’t that high up though) and there was another branch below it which I fell back on! 

Last year I had a few on my bike when I was in France. For example, when I looked back for a few seconds to see if my family were coming when I was still riding, I rode into a fence! I was trapped under my bike but was just lying there laughing at myself. People thought it was an electric fence though, and this random man got out of his car to help. 

Another time on the same holiday I fell off my bike again and also got hit on the head with a mini golf club by my cousin swinging the club a bit too far. I had been trying no handed bike riding that week and was doing OK so I decided to take it up a bit. I stood up on the bike and let go with my hands while riding and of course I fell off straight away. There are probably a lot more times I have fallen over but I just can’t remember and a lot more to come.


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    1. Haha I drop my phone so much I dont know why it didnt crack earlier (the screen is completely smashed- oops ha)and trip over so much I actually should have broken a bone in my body (I haven’t yet, just sprained my wrist)!!!!!

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