So, I literally haven’t been on this for over 6 months and I really need to start doing more posts…

But anyways, I did the Police work experience and it was brilliant!! We started off just really having a day of asking questions then started watching these videos of a crime and what they put in place to find out possible suspects for this burglary and on the last day we got to do an interrogation! It was so much fun and would realllllyyyyy want to do it again. I met a bunch of really nice people (we sat outside each day and due to the heat wave I think I was literally boiled.

Year 11! I’ve barely been back three weeks but am definitely NOT looking forward to the rest of it. For some reason the teachers have to keep mentioning to us that ‘your GCSE’s are in 9 months’. Do we really need to be reminded? I think it’s permanently on people’s minds, whether at the back or front, anyways. To make this even better I now have early break and lunch, so have 2 lessons after lunch rather than 1- it just makes the day seem so much longer. I honestly can’t do any of my option lessons, I enjoy them but talent-wise, I have absolutely no idea why I chose them aha. I tried downloading Duolingo over the summer which may have helped for French a tiny bit but I’m honestly still hopeless! This time in 10 months though, it will all be over… I guess then to start again with whatever I choose to do afterwards. I’m probably gonna have a look at each of the options I have (sixth form, apprenticeships, college) as I’m not sure between like 3 completely different things of what I want to do in the future;

Police (obviously you probably guessed that considering the work experience but yeahhh). I have literally always wanted to do something along these lines. It would be so enlightening and every day would be different.

Journalist. I love English language (like the story writing bit (may post one soon) and reading and hopefully that would allow me to travel? I hope so.

Caterer. I really enjoy cooking especially like pasta, bread, cakes etc so maybe I could get a job in that?

DREAM JOB: like, this is my ultimate dream. I would retire at age like 30 having saved like loaddddsssaaaa money from one of the first 2 jobs and buy a campsite in France and work there- I would love this so much!!!

In the summer holidays, I went to Woolacombe (camping) which was sooo good- for the first few days there were amazing waves but then after the storm they seemed to die down a lot, which was kinda annoying. As we were staying in a tent, storms aren’t seen to be our best friend at that point. My dad got up and had to peg down the tent about 5 times during it and our tent was shit. It decided to leak everywhere, breaking my phone which just happened to be in the place where one leak was, and now I have to charge it on this special charger where you take the battery out and charge via that. We went on a 18 mile bike ride along the Tarka Trail, which (I’m not sure if I really have to say this), was just a titch too long (and tiring). Have you ever tried Coasteering? (or Canyoning for that matter) It’s so much fun- we did it in Ilfracombe and jumped off rocks, slowly getting higher and higher until half the group backed out. At some points it just didn’t look that high from the top, but when you are jumping, I can assure you that it feels like you are for agggeeesss. Also a bit of climbing and rock scrambling is involved.

Hope everyone had an amazing summer (although it’s over now)!!

3 simple things to go if you are bored

OK, so you are bored? Well, here are 3 things you should do-


I had a phase of just making something as simple as bread or cakes once or twice a week, which actually helped with my boredness…

  • I actually managed to get myself off of a screen for a few more hours than normal, giving me something else to do AND something else to eat.
  • I got a bread recipe from school, but to that recipe (just a normal bread recipe) I added some ingredients-

– Some spoonfuls of pesto

– Some parmesan cheese (inside and on the outside)

– Sun dried tomatoes

-… and if you are extra like me, separate the dough when it is done (but before you cook it) into 3 pieces, and roll them into a line. Attach them at the top, and plait it.


So maybe a lot less people read than in the past, but these are some amazing books I recommend you should read-

Divergent- here is the blurb- Beatrice Prior is on the brink of a decision that will change her life. In a society divided into factions all are forced to choose where they belong. And the choice Tris makes shocks everyone, including herself.

Once decisions are made, the new members and forced to undergo extreme initiation tests with devastating consequences. As their experience transforms them, Tris must determine who her friends are- and if the man who both threatens and protects her is really on her side.

Because Tris has a deadly secret. And as growing conflict threatens to unravel their seemingly perfect society, this secret might save those who Tris loves… or it might destroy her.

Harry Potter- I have a feeling I may not have to describe this as it has travelled over many different countries in different languages, but it is a great series I really recommend.

… and many others, like Maze Runner, The Hunger Games…


OK, so everyone goes on about how good exercise is for you, but it honestly gives you something to do, whilst making you so much happier, however cliche that sounds!

‘Dog is a man’s best friend’

So this post is about my dog, Stanley, and general dogs. First of all, I love dogs. They are soooooo cute and just really peaceful and loyal. (I especially love Welsh terriers- Stanley’s a Welsh terrier- and Siberian huskies. The other day I saw a Siberian husky puppy and it was adorable!! The picture below is Stanley, and although he doesn’t trust me (!!! 😢) because I pull him around way too much, he is just so soft and gentle.

I think that dogs simply understand humans, or their feelings, more than any animal, and that is what makes them so close to us; when I have cried, or laughed so hard I cried, he just runs over to see what is happening- unless there is food around (duh!! 😂). He always seems to know when we are going out without him because he runs towards the front door, his tiny feet pattering along as he goes, and waits there. He also loves the car; whenever he runs off, most of the time, all we have to do is open the car door and he’ll come running back! After he’s had a shower, or a hose down, and then hair dried, he runs round, up, down the stairs, on, off the sofa, inside, outside…

Here is his little face and paws trying to scavenge some more food for his never full mouth to eat 😂:

Have you ever…

Walked into a room and forgotten what you were going to get/do?

Tried to catch the fridge light between on and off?

Not got a joke and then realised later what it meant and laughed out loud, or try and keep it in silently,  and people around you look at you wierd?

Accidentally thought about an embarrassing moment from years ago and went ‘oh nonononoNO’?

Done the lion king with your pets?

Tried to sleep but just decided that that’s the time you are going to think about wierd, embarrassing, and so on moments in detail?

Remembered something you were supposed to do when you are just about to sleep?

No? I don’t believe you. I think I’ve pretty much done every single one of these; why do I do this?!? There are plenty of other times I could think about my life (if I actually wanted to), not just as I’m going to sleep, because I LOVE SLEEP. I always forget what I was supposed to get when I walk into a room, go downstairs, remember, go up, start doing something else, then start to go back down, then remember that wasn’t what I wanted, and finally get what I wanted to get in the first place (oops, aha).

These new trends are ones you should take a look at…

So apparently these new makeup ideas are becoming trends and I’m not quite sure what to think about them. 

Of course there is the new wiggly eyebrow trend which is slightly strange in some circumstances, but actually looks ok in others. In the photo above, they are more of a light, gentle squiggle (is that the right word?!?), whereas they are more defined in shape and colour in the picture below, which makes it look kinda wierd; they still look ok but I prefer the picture above much more. (The mascara and eyeshadow are gorgeous in both though!!) 

So I’m not quite sure if this is a trend, because I haven’t actually seen it anywhere, but the ‘ponytail brow’ trend seems to be, literally, some of the end of your brow hair, in a PONYTAIL!! Wierd right? To be honest, it actually looks ok though, but might take a lot longer than usual time taken to do your eyebrows!!! I think it looks really pretty because of the different colours in the brow. If it had been the same colour, perhaps maybe it would have looked quite strange, and probably wouldn’t be shown up as well what it is, or is supposed to be. 

Another brow trend which I actually have heard of is the ‘feather brow’ trend. I think it looks OK, but kinda makes you look a bit bald?That might be the makeup surrounding the eye’s effect though (those colours are stunning, I love them- especially the bluish fade effect). The brows look delicate, like a feather (oh really, they do?!?), and look pretty in the picture below, especially with the eye makeup.

Ok, so this might have helped with any questions you had about recent trends but it also may not have helped at all and confused you even more than before because of my rambling (which I am kinda doing now). I am terrible at makeup, I once went into school with almost black eyebrows, which doesn’t exactly go with my hair colour (blondish), and was trying to take it off throughout the day without having to go to student reception, so if anyone looked at me I was just randomly scratching at my eyebrows to get off the little bits I had on it (oops!!).

Is it really worth it to be caught in revenge or a dreamworld?

‘If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.’ This is so true. Whatever happens or what has happened to you; some embarrassing or hurtful things that you have gone through, forget it. Forget it or move on. Because nothing else will wait for you when you are in your own world caught up in revenge or anything like that, and in the long run, the only person you are hurting is yourself. When life hits you hard, get up. Either hit it back or forget it. Don’t wait for ‘the perfect time’ to hit it back, because you’re going to waste your life waiting for that time. 

‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ If you isolate yourself from others, maybe because you think that they don’t particularly like you, or maybe it’s that you just don’t have your light turned on. Turn it on. Be who you can be and anyone who doesn’t seem to like that, don’t worry about them. There is no point in being depressed because you are you, and that makes you unique. Being like everyone else, just to be ‘normal’, it just makes you a robot. A robot, the same as half the people in the world because you can’t make your own decisions without being judged or anyone disagreeing with you. There will always be at least one person who is like that. Don’t worry about them. It’s about you. Its about what you think and don’t let people make your decisions and life up for you.

‘It is our choices that show who we truly are far more than our abilities.’ Your choices in life are what makes who you are. Your abilities are nothing on that. If you are good at something you don’t like, why take the chances for maybe even getting a job in the future that, yes, you are good at it, but you don’t enjoy it. Follow your dreams. If it is too hard for you to follow, then maybe that is the point. Challenge yourself or you will get bored. Based on your choices, you can study, practise, whatever you need to do to be better at something. Your choices define who you are. 

It’s not just me…Is it?

OK, so everyone does dumb things sometimes, right? Or is it just me? Well, this is about all the stupid things I’ve done or times I’ve fallen over just because…

Most of my falls come from bikes or trees when I was younger. A few years ago, I fell backwards out of a tree (it wasn’t that high up though) and there was another branch below it which I fell back on! 

Last year I had a few on my bike when I was in France. For example, when I looked back for a few seconds to see if my family were coming when I was still riding, I rode into a fence! I was trapped under my bike but was just lying there laughing at myself. People thought it was an electric fence though, and this random man got out of his car to help. 

Another time on the same holiday I fell off my bike again and also got hit on the head with a mini golf club by my cousin swinging the club a bit too far. I had been trying no handed bike riding that week and was doing OK so I decided to take it up a bit. I stood up on the bike and let go with my hands while riding and of course I fell off straight away. There are probably a lot more times I have fallen over but I just can’t remember and a lot more to come.

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